Fees & Reimbursement 2022

Therapy or working with a Life Coach is a financial commitment, but you will receive a return on your investment through your growth and healing. It will change your life. Think about it as you investing in yourself.

If the cost of therapy seems to be out of your budget, consider the following:

  • Use pre-tax dollars as a part of a Health Saving Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).
  • Check with your employer or your spouse/partner’s employer to see if it has an Employee Assistance Program or EAP. An EAP is usually a part of an employee’s benefit package in which the employer pays for your sessions. It usually allows anywhere from 3-8 sessions.
  • Speak with your tax professional about deducing therapy expenses from your taxes as an out-of-pocket expense.

     • Sign up for low-cost therapy sessions with Open Path Psychotherapy Collective

  • For Life Coach sessions, consider using one of my affordable payment plans.

Do you accept insurance?

I am an in network provider with Cigna, United Healthcare/Optum, Aetna, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina insurance companies. It is your responsibility to find out what your insurance company covers for mental health services as well as your co-payment amount prior to your first appointment. Fees for all services rendered (co-pays, etc.) will need to be paid prior to beginning your session. I will file for payment with all insurance companies that I am an in-network provider.

I am considered an Out-of-Network provider for all other insurance plan.  You will be required to pay fees in full. I will be happy to provide you a super bill that you may use to file for reimbursement with your insurance company. 

If you plan to seek reimbursement from your insurance company here are some questions you may want to ask an insurance representative prior to scheduling an appointment:

• Does my insurance benefits include coverage for out-of-network mental health services?

• Does my insurance cover online or telemental health counseling sessions?

• What is the out-of-network coverage amount per therapy session?

• Will I be required to pay a co-payment?

• Do I have a deductible? If so, what is it, and have I met it?

• Is there a limit to the number of sessions per year my plan covers?

• Do I need to get approval from my primary care provider in order for services to be covered?

Here are some important points  that you need to know prior to using your insurance benefits:

  • You must have a diagnosis: I will be required to give you a diagnosis.   This diagnosis will be a part of your permanent medical record. This could be a problem if you ever need a federal background check or a specific job.
  • They decide the course of your treatment:  They determine the number of sessions you can have and the frequency.  
  • Increased Risk of Information Being Compromised:  Your medical information will be disclosed to the insurance company's Electronic Medical Records system.  After information is released to the insurance company, I have no knowledge of what the information is used for and who will use it.

Clinical Services Fees

Private Pay (No Insurance):

Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation                           $210.00

Individual Psychotherapy, 60 minutes                   $135.00

Individual Psychotherapy, 45 minutes                   $110.00

Individual Psychotherapy, 30 minutes                      $95.00

I do not offer a sliding scale for reduced fees sessions. I participate in the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective , which allows for clients to have reduced fee sessions. Click on the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective link for more information about this program.

The fees for Open Path members are $40 (45 mins), and $50 (60 mins). You will not be required to provide financial information if you are an Open Path member.

Please Note: I offer a limited number of slots for Open Path Members 

Psychological Evaluations

The turnaround time for reports is 4 weeks.  I am willing, however, to complete expediated reports with a two-weeks' turnaround.

Expediated reports will be assessed an additional fee of  $300.00


Psychological Evaluation (4 weeks' turnaround                                          $950.00

Psychological Evaluation (Expediated)                                                      $1,250.00       

Clinical Supervision for LCSW-Associates

If you live in the Burlington, Graham, Mebane, Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, or Yanceyville, NC areas, I am willing to provide a combination of face-to-face in-person and face-to-face video conferencing clinical supervision. I use a HIPAA compliant videoconferencing platform.

Supervision through the Use of Technology Statute:

Unless otherwise preapproved by the Board, no more than 50 hours of supervision may be provided through the use of technology. The clinical supervisor may seek approval by providing a written request to the Board. The request shall include the parties’ information, including name, license number and business address; and the circumstances for which the additional hours are needed. Approval of the request shall be determined on a case by case basis, based upon the circumstances provided in the request. All supervision provided through the use of technology shall be synchronous, involve visual and audio interactions through the entire session and shall take place in such a manner as to maintain the confidentiality of the communication [21 NCAC 63.0211 (a) (4)]. 

For more information about this statute, click here.

All supervision provided through the use of technology shall be synchronous, involve visual and audio interactions throughout the entire session, and shall take place in such a manner as to maintain the confidentiality of the communication.” Telephonic supervision is NOT provided.

If I have a minimum of three people receiving individual clinical supervision, I will be happy to discuss establishing group supervision sessions.

I am also open to establishing a contract with any employer to provide group supervision sessions on site. Fees for on-site supervision services will need to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Individual Supervision Session                                                            $60.00

Group Session (per individual)                                                                        $45.00

Good Faith Estimate

Beginning January 1, 2022, federal laws regulating client care have been updated to include the “No Surprises” Act. This Act requires health care practitioners to provide current and potential clients a “Good Faith Estimate” (GFE) on the cost of treatment.

This new regulation is designed to provide transparency to patients regarding their expected medical expenses and to protect them from surprises when they receive their medical bills. It allows clients to understand how much their health care will cost before they receive services.

You have the right to receive this estimate for any non-emergency services at least one business day before your scheduled appointment. You can also request an estimate before you schedule an appointment. If you receive a bill that is at least $400 more than your Good Faith Estimate, you can dispute the bill. For more questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, visit www.cms.gov/nosurprises or call 1-800-985-3059.

There are several factors that make it challenging to provide an estimate on how long it will take for a client to complete therapeutic treatment, and much depends on the individual client and their goals in seeking therapy. Some clients are satisfied with a reduction in symptoms while others continue longer because it feels beneficial to do so or are experiencing an ongoing crisis in their life. Others begin to schedule less frequently, and may continue to come in as needed appointments when issues arise or pop in for a “reset” every so often. Ultimately, as the client, it is your decision when to stop therapy.

At your first session, I will verbally provide you with a Good Faith Estimate (GFE). In addition, this estimate will be available to you in writing and you can access it through the client portal. If you are a current client, I will be providing you with a GFE as well.

I look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you may have about the “No Surprises” Act and Good Faith Estimates.

Life Coaching Fees

 Single Initial Session


This initial 60 minutes session allows us to discuss why you are seeking life coaching services and how it can help you accomplish your life goals. You will be able to begin working on one specific goal. This session will also allow us both to come to a mutual decision to continue our coaching relationship or not to continue with a coaching relationship.

The cost of this session will be deduced from the total cost of your package you choose if you would like to continue receiving coaching services. 

 Silver Package

$600 or 4 payments of $175*

This package is designed for people who just want to work on 1 specific life area such as gaining clarity in making an important life decision, decreasing worry and stress due to decisions you are making in your life, or get moving on a project or work related goal.

This package Includes 4 (30 or 60 minutes in duration) coaching sessions and support of (2) e-mails per week over 6 weeks.

Gold Package

$900 or 8 payments of $125*

This package is only for established clients. This package allows us to further explore the 1 specific goal you developed from the Silver Package.

This package includes 8 (30 or 60 minutes duration) coaching sessions with (2) e-mails per week for support over 10 weeks

 Platinum Package

$1,500 or 12 payments of $140*

This package allows an established client to continue to explore the 1 established goal from the Gold Package deeper without interruption or a new client who would like to work on 2 very specific short-term goals.

This package allows for 12 (30 or 60 minutes duration) coaching sessions with (3) e-mails per week for support over 14 weeks

 Diamond Package

$5,000 or 2 payments of $2,500*

This package is ideal for those established clients who have been working on an established long-term goal or the two short-term goals through purchase of the Platinum Package and would like to continue personal growth. This package is also ideal for a new client who would like to establish an initial long-term goal and will need the longer coaching time to achieve progress and success.

It allows for 50 (30 or 60 minutes duration) coaching sessions with (3) e-mails per week for support over 52 weeks

*Please carefully review my policies regarding fees which is located on your coaching agreement prior to signing the agreement.

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